COVID-19 Risk Assessment


COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Company name: Cross Street Church                    Assessment carried out by: Andrew Calvert

Date of next review: 4/1/ 2022    Date assessment was carried out: 4/10/ 2021


What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing to control the risks?

What further action do you need to take to control the risks?

Who needs to carry out the action?

When is the action needed by?


     Arrival at the church       Transmission by standing closer than 2 meters or touching doors or leaflets.      Doors opened and where possible left open during services.  Hand sanitising gel station at entrance. People asked to keep coats etc. with them. Tape to show 2 metre distancing.  Register in case required by Track and Trace.  Sign telling people to either not touch leaflets or take them home.  Low level sanitising gel for children.      Complete
     Narrow walkways when entering church.      Transmission due to less than 2 meter width.      One way system. Complete
     Church services      Transmission during a service.      Seats spaced 2 meters apart except for family members and household bubbles.  Face coverings worn when moving around and during singing.  Windows and doors open when possible for ventilation.
Either clean the church or leave 3 days minimum between services.
     Toilets      Transmission due to less than 2 meters and by touching surfaces.Only one person at a time in the ladies’ toilets.  Soap dispensers and disposable paper towels.  Signs showing correct hand washing procedure.      Complete
     Kidz Church and creche      People arriving late.  Children and children’s workers.  Transmission due to less than 2 meters and touching surfaces.      Email stressing the need for punctuality to avoid people arriving as children come down from the balcony.  Parents to look after their own children in the creche.  Dept. of Education guidelines in Kidz Church.      Complete
     Leaving at the end of the service.      Transmission due to less than 2 meters and touching surfaces.      Leave as soon as possible via the side door. Hand sanitiser station at the exit.  People to remain seated until asked to leave, starting with those closest to the exit.  People to be asked to take all personal belongings with them. Complete


More information on managing risk: