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The theme of the service on Sunday evening was “Treasures of the snow” and God provided a wonderful visual aid!  “Treasures of the snow” is a phrase taken from Job Ch. 38 where Job challenges God as to why He has allowed so much suffering to come upon him.  God never answers that big question “why do bad things happen to good people?”  Instead He asks Job a few questions, such as:  Where were you when I made the world?  Have you ever made a star?  Have you ever been to the bottom of the ocean?  Have you entered the treasures of the snow?  Job has a rethink and decides that even though he doesn’t understand, God must know what He is doing.

The treasures of the snow are just one part of God’s amazing creation.  Every snowflake is has a unique design and each one is a beautiful treasure.  An average snowflake contains 180 billion molecules of water and so there are countless billions of possible permutations. William Bentley, who became known as the “Snowflake man” was the first to develop a method of photographing snowflakes before they melted.  He took over 5,000 photographs and every snowflake was different.  In the same way, every person is uniquely designed by God and even more precious in His sight than the treasures of the snow.